Cotton sofa cushion with cat vomit (yuk!)
Updated on April 13, 2014 in Upholstery Cleaning
3 on April 4, 2014

100% cotton sofa cushion with red cat vomit cleaned by students in UFT course.  

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2 on April 7, 2014

Members of the court! It is plainly stated in the subject line of this thread that this is a cushion cleaned by students. I submit that the students had a significant amount of assistance from a long-time industry veteran with an unusually high amount of specialized knowledge and experience in the field of upholstery cleaning. Please allow me to admit into evidence exhibit 4 above. :o)

Nice job Jeff…

Bruce DeLoatch
The Cleaners Coach

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on April 13, 2014

Seems like yesterday I was in your class just learning the ropes (1987)  Thanks for the help and years of success.

on April 7, 2014

Other than a brief demonstration (with pictures – not everyone looks like Tom Cruise’s father!), the tool goes to students so that I can make fun of their strong-arm procedures.  Teaches finesse.

Seriously, it’s always important for students to see the instructor clean a full piece to demonstrate appropriate techniques and procedures – especially where arm faces, roll-overs, edges of wings and other difficult to clean portions are present.  

Thanks for your comments!

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