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For Water Damage Clean Up Call A Certified Professional

The best water damage clean up companies are committed to their field and work to stay on top of the latest technology. Restoration professionals typically help out homeowners who are at their worst, so they have to be calm, professional and honest. Not all firms meet these standards, unfortunately, and those that don’t will often provide subpar service as well. A firm that doesn’t care about its customer service will likely not care as much about its technical ability, and for this reason, homeowners should pay close attention to how professional a firm is.

Why is it important to contact a water damage clean up company as soon as possible?

Small roofing or plumbing leaks may flow for a long time before they are detected, and their effect is usually localized. There may be mold present, but it can be relatively easy to handle if it is caught early. More extensive disasters, like floods and sewage backflow, require an immediate response, though, as these can involve a lot of contaminated fluid. It’s not unheard of, for example, for a family to wake up to a completely flooded basement after a pipe bursts open, or an appliance valve fails.

If contaminated fluid floods a home, the situation will quickly become dire. Within hours, drywall, carpet, baseboards and most other textiles  could become unsalvageable if  not addressed in a timely manner. Organic materials that contain cellulose, like drywall, provide a lot of fuel for various pathogens, causing them to explode in growth. If the fluid is not contaminated, like from a burst supply pipe, the firm will have more time to respond, but they will still need to be quick. Within a couple days, even clean  water is considered contaminated for the purposes of restoration.

The faster a firm responds, the more they will likely be able to save structures and contents. Immediate action can save precious furniture, clothing and flooring. Wood flooring, in particular, is extremely expensive to replace and has a tendency to warp beyond repair if it remains soaked for long. A skilled restoration firm  may keep this from happening if contacted quickly, potentially saving the homeowner thousands of dollars.
Why should homeowners only consider a water damage clean up firm that has certification?

It’s not always clear what training and experience a company has before hiring them. Not all firms are officially certified and formally trained, and this is a problem. Uncertified firms often rely on outdated techniques, and this can significantly reduce effectiveness.

With training and certification through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), a firm will be prepared for any work situation. To attain IICRC certification, a technician has to pass a course and an examination that confirms their newfound skills. IICRC certified firm registrants must also uphold a strict code of ethics designed to improve the overall reputation of the industry. Technicians that have the drive to attain IICRC certification are the kinds of professionals that any homeowner should want to deal with.

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