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Finding The Right Job Candidate For Your Firm

By Elizabeth Camacho

Hiring a bad employee is a costly matter for businesses nationwide. According to the US Department of Labor, the cost of a bad hire is 30 percent of the terminated employees’ annual salary (for example $45,000/annual salary = $13,500 cost to you).  Not to mention the morale, productivity and business opportunity loss issues.

Your employees will help run and grow your business, and are a reflection of your business values. More importantly, they will interact with your customers and have the ability make or break a business transaction.

Effective hiring is not an easy process. There are the costs associated with job posting, such as referral and job board fees, the time consuming review of resumes and vetting and the time involved with interviewing, both over the phone and in-person.

Businesses don’t often use professional staffing and recruiting companies because of the cost, but most of the time professional recruiters can place quality candidates at much less cost to you. When you take into consideration the time it takes to fill open positions and the risk of a bad hire involved, a professional recruiter can actually save your business time and money.

Recruiters can find candidates for open positions that match job requirements, have the skills and knowledge to hit the ground running, and often do so efficiently and quickly. Professional recruiters also have the industry knowledge, relationships and capability to reach hard-to-find candidates that are not actively looking for employment, but may be interested in a new opportunity.  

Some reasons to consider hiring a professional recruiter when looking to expand your business include:

  • Established partners for hard-to-fill positions
  • Highly experienced recruiters and staff
  • 24/7 customer service support
  • Guaranteed placements
  • Results-oriented and quick response support model
  • Dedicated account representatives
  • Solid recruiting strategy and streamlined screening process
  • Service awards and industry recognition

Make the right investment and consider hiring a professional recruiter to fill the next open position at your business. A bad hire never gets better and it can cost you.

Elizabeth Comacho is the Executive Director of Client Relations and Business Development at the Scott Business Group.

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