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Finding A Company That Offers Disaster Restoration Services

Recovering from a catastrophe can be an overwhelming prospect, but with the help of qualified disaster restoration services providers, home and business owners can rest assured that their property will receive the professional attention it deserves.

The term “disaster restoration services” encompasses a multitude of specialists that are, ideally, highly trained in their respective skills. When searching for a reputable firm or technician, consumers should ensure that the personnel working on the affected property is capable and reputable. To do so, consumers are encouraged to look for the CleanTrust™ logo. This is a symbol of proficiency and ethics awarded only to professionals who earned certification through educational programs approved by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), the industry’s standard-setting body.

To ensure a well-rounded cleanup project that addresses all possible factors and scenarios, a qualified disaster restoration services firm should have the following certified specialists on board, depending on the consumer’s needs:


This individual is trained in mold and sewage remediation methods. An AMRT understands how water damage can result in mold growth, and the associated risks to people exposed to it. The technician is knowledgeable in mold removal methods to ensure a safe environment for occupants. In addition, the AMRT is familiar with the effects of sewage spills caused by flooding and techniques to address the problem.


An ASD has the know-how it takes to apply quick and effective drying methods in water-damaged structures from top to bottom, contents included. Examples include the drying of wall cavities, hardwood flooring, sub flooring, trims, ductwork and more. This technician is proficient in the use of extraction and evaporation tools, inspection equipment, and the application of antimicrobial chemicals for sterilizing and disinfecting a home or business.


This professional possesses the skills necessary to clean, rehabilitate, and deodorize structures after a fire. The technician is trained in the removal of soot residue and knowledgeable in furniture refinishing, chemical applications, and HVAC cleaning. An FSRT also understands insurance policies and adjuster relationships.


Odor Control Technicians are well-versed in the principles of odor removal after fire, mold contamination or flooding. Familiar with the operation of deodorization and fogging equipment, these specialists have the knowledge to attack microbiological, protein, and smoke odors at the source.


WRTs are educated in assessing water damage and correcting it. They are learned in areas such as the drying of hardwood, cabinets and paneling, along with wall interiors, insulation, ductwork, and crawlspaces. WRTs also have a good understanding of sewer backflow, mold contamination, and clean water loss.

While the above-mentioned certified specialists are highly qualified to perform disaster restoration services, an additional team of certified technicians comprised of Carpet Cleaning Technicians, Commercial Drying Specialists, and Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning Technicians can fill important supporting roles in the rehabilitation of water or fire-damaged structures.

IICRC certified technicians and firms can be identified by the CleanTrust™ logo
. To find a nearby IICRC member company offering disaster restoration services, visit the organization’s website.

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