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Finding A Carpet Cleaning Certification Course In Florida

There are plenty of carpet cleaning certification courses in Florida for a technician to choose from, so they never have to go too far to get the training they need. One of the concerns technicians have when seeking training is the cost, and in most cases, travel represents a big part of that. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), though, cuts most of the traveling out by offering its courses through a network of approved schools. These schools are located all over the world, and several operate out of the Sunshine State. So, a process that once required thousands of miles of traveling has been cut down to what amounts to an easy drive for most people.

Where are carpet cleaning certification courses available in Florida?

Every year, a few of the IICRC’s approved schools send representatives to the state to teach the IICRC’s primary flooring treatment course, the CCT. These schools update their schedules regularly and well in advance, so a professional can plan their trip well ahead of time. And in most cases, approved schools visit the same areas every year, so a technician can make a pretty accurate estimate about where they will need to go as far as a year in advance.

Approved schools utilize the IICRC’s methods and uphold the institute’s ethical code as well, both of which are greatly appreciated by consumers and employers alike. These methods and ethics are passed on to students, giving them a strong foundation to either gather experience in the industry, or specialize their abilities further.

There are carpet cleaning certification courses throughout Florida, but most schools focus their efforts in major urban areas. In the Sunshine State, this includes Miami, St. Petersburg and Jacksonville, which means that professionals in the state are just a couple hundred miles away from a class, no matter where they live. The CCT is a standardized class, so no matter where a professional takes it, they will be taught the same material as every other student.

The IICRC’s CCT or Carpet Cleaning Technician course is the most popular carpet cleaning certification course in Florida, and it’s easy to see why. During the CCT, students are taught how to identify all of the flooring and fiber types they are likely to come across in their line of work. Students are shown how to safely treat each material and remove soils of all kinds, including ground-in stains that have set for years. To accomplish this, professionals are taught the IICRC’s five pillars approach, and they are also introduced to the latest technology in the industry. As long as a professional remains a registrant of the IICRC, they will always remain up to date in their field, giving them a technical edge.

And all of this knowledge is conveniently arranged into a two day class, so students can finish it off in a single weekend. That’s an unmatched level of convenience, considering the quality of the training.

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