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Finding Carpet Cleaning Certification Classes In Hawaii

Carpet cleaning certification classes are available in Hawaii, and can save a technician a couple of long flights and a lot of jet lag. They are not available, however, year round, so it is important for professionals to keep an eye on the calendar. Regardless, such a course can greatly improve a technician’s skills and make them more marketable to homeowners and employers alike. In short, it’s a big deal, and even better, it’s not a major commitment. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification’s (IICRC) courses can be taught over a few days, and are jam packed with information and skill instruction.

Where can a technician take carpet cleaning certification classes in Hawaii?

With the state’s remote location and lower population, year round courses are not possible in the area. However, IICRC approved schools will sponsor visits to the state a few times a year to teach IICRC courses, including the institute’s Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT) course. In general, these courses are taught either on Maui or Oahu, with Honolulu serving as a regular host for instructors. While it may be tough waiting for a course to open up every year, there is a convenience in not having to travel far to learn. Most people in the state will be within miles of the class, and professionals on the other islands can make a quick trip to finish the course.

What can professionals learn while taking the IICRC’s carpet cleaning certification classes in Hawaii?

The CCT is the course around which the IICRC’s entire curriculum revolves. During the CCT, students are introduced to the fundamentals of treatment, though even experienced professionals can pick up valuable skills and tips during the course. The IICRC guides its treatment principles around the five pillars, each of which represents an important step in the treatment process. For example, students will spend a lot of time during the CCT learning how to suspend soils and remove them.

The five pillars is just a guide, though, as the CCT will guide students through the entire process, from start to finish. It first begins with fiber material identification and soil identification, which will allow the professional to select the right detergent and tools for the job. Students will be introduced to several work setting examples so that they are prepared to identify most common soils and materials.

The IICRC takes pride in offering cutting-edge courses, which is why the CCT spends a significant amount of time showing students emerging technologies in the field, along with established methods and equipment that have proven their worth. By the time a student completes the CCT, they will have intimate knowledge of treatment theory and application, and will be ready to accrue on the job experience. And not only that, IICRC trained professionals are typically valuable assets to their firm, and will have opportunities to become highly respected members of their industry.

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