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Finding Carpet Cleaning Certification Classes In California

Carpet cleaning certification classes for technicians in California can provide that edge over the competition that professionals often need. For decades, members of the textile treatment industry often got by with basic training that was learned while on the job. This knowledge wasn’t standardized, which meant that homeowners could never count on the same level of performance from different technicians. In the last 30 years, there has been a significant push for formal education in the industry, and the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has led the charge. And in California, there are plenty of options available to professionals looking for IICRC courses.

Where can technicians take carpet cleaning certification classes in California?

The IICRC works with a network of approved schools around the world, including many along the west coast. These schools have sworn to uphold the IICRC’s strong ethical code and maintain the Institute’s practices. During an IICRC course, these ethical and industry practices are passed on to students.

Although there aren’t approved instructors in every city, they often travel from city to city to host IICRC courses, so a technician can usually find a course near them no matter where they live. Some of the cities that regularly host IICRC courses include Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, Bakersfield, Fresno, Oakland, Modesto, and Redding. Courses may not be available year round, but a student can usually register for a course months in advance.

What do students learn when taking carpet cleaning certification classes in California?

The IICRC’s primary treatment course is known as the CCT (carpet cleaning technician), and it is perhaps the most important course in the IICRC’s portfolio. Even technicians trained in other disciplines, like mold remediation or fire damage restoration, will have to take the CCT before they can progress to other classes.

During the CCT, students will learn how to assess various soiling conditions and how to identify different fibers and flooring types. Before a technician can provide treatment service, they have to know what they are dealing with, and the CCT shows professionals how to gather this knowledge. Also, the CCT will teach students the best approach to treatment, called the five pillars of treatment. This includes dry and suspended soil removal, along with proper grooming and drying techniques. With this methodical approach to treatment, a technician will be able to handle nearly any type of soiling condition.

Finally, the CCT course will demonstrate a variety of modern treatment equipment pieces, so a technician knows what tools will work best for any setting. One of the problems with treatment firms is using outdated technology. The CCT will show professionals how effective modern equipment can be on the job.

In the coming years, the need for IICRC education will only increase as homeowners realize how effective it is. A professional that capitalizes on this sentiment will be positioned well for the future.

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