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Finding Carpet Cleaning Certification Classes In GA

There are many carpet cleaning certification classes in GA for technicians to peruse, and given the state’s climate and proximity to the coast, that’s not a surprise. The constant humidity and threat of severe weather puts additional strain on the home’s flooring, as it will attract soils and become a sponge when water seeps into the building. To preserve this carpeting, home and business owners will turn to treatment professionals for their expertise, so a professional that can exhibit a range of skills will have a decisive competitive advantage. And the best place to attain these skills is through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

Where can a technician attend carpet cleaning certification classes in GA?

In most states, IICRC courses are available close to major urban areas, and it’s no different in the Peach State. There are regular courses available around the Atlanta region, specifically in Norcross, a suburb several miles northeast of the city. Savannah and Kennesaw are both staging points for the IICRC’s approved schools, so technicians can seek coursework in both spots as well. Approved schools usually announce their coursework a couple months in advance, at least, while some schools plan their schedules out as much as a year ahead. In all, it should be easy for a technician to organize their trip to the course, especially given the short duration of the IICRC’s courses. Most courses are taught over a couple days, though they are packed with valuable information. The goal is to get the technician back into the field as soon as possible, ready to use their new abilities.

What can a professional learn while taking carpet cleaning certification classes in GA?

The IICRC’s primary treatment course is the Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT), and any professional that wants to improve their skills through the Institute will have to take it eventually. The CCT is focused on fundamental treatment concepts, though it isn’t just theory. Instructors will demonstrate CCT concepts with hands-on training, demonstrating a variety of methods for dealing with several soil types. In fact, identifying soils, flooring composition, and best practices is a primary element of the CCT, and necessary for proper treatment. Students will have a chance to interact with many treatment technologies, so they will be ready to incorporate cutting-edge equipment and methods into their work.

Once a technician has completed the CCT and proven their knowledge in a proctored exam, they will be ready to gather experience while on the job. After a couple years of experience, an IICRC-registrant can improve their standing further through the organization’s advanced tracks. By the time a professional has reached journeyman and master level within the institute, they will have a wealth of skills that extend past basic treatment. But long before technicians get to that level, they will need to start their career building a strong foundation through the IICRC.

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