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Find Certified Mold Inspector Training In Canada

Certified mold inspector training in Canada is quickly growing in demand, as home and business owners are starting to realize how problematic this fungi can be. Most buildings are breeding grounds for the microbes as there are plenty of organic materials and water to go around. In fact, fungal growth in the home can explode following a flood or water leak, and once it takes hold, it can be extremely tough to get rid of. That’s why so many people are turning to professionals who can locate sources of the fungi and after remediation, verify that the building is safe to inhabit.

Why is certified mold inspector training a must in Canada for certain professionals?

Currently, not many parts of North America have laws on the books specifying what makes a mold inspector. This is both a good and bad thing for technicians in the industry. It’s good because it means technicians can quickly enter the field and get started right away. It’s also convenient for technicians because they can get “grandfathered” in before official regulations make it harder to get established in the industry. However, because there is little regulation over the industry, there are a number of deceptive and amateurish technicians giving other professionals a bad name. In fact, a capable and honest technician may have trouble interacting with potential clients as many have been taken advantage of in the past by lesser professionals.

The only way a technician can overcome this and stand out in the industry is with the right certified mold inspector training in Canada. Performance speaks louder than words, and with enough expertise, a technician will quickly make a name for themselves.
Where can a technician learn the skills needed on the job?

In North America, only a handful of U.S. states have specific regulations regarding technician training. In these areas, a technician will need to review the laws to determine how to proceed. In Canada and the other U.S. states, it is important that a professional find the most reputable classes available.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has provided educational resources to members of the carpet cleaning industry and many other disciplines for decades. Now, it services technicians looking to enter the inspection industry, offering a number of courses that can give technicians all the skills they need to tackle various jobs sites. Once a professional becomes a registrant of the IICRC, they will have access to a number of continuing education courses online that teach additional techniques for evaluating sources of fungi.  Industry conventions and seminars will also provide an opportunity for professionals to network and share knowledge with each other.

Once the technician has honed their skills through the IICRC, they will be ready to take on jobs from real estate agencies, property management companies, landlords, insurance companies, contractors, appraisers and more. With so many opportunities available, a newly minted technician will quickly learn why it is such a fast growing field.

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