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February 2018 Standards Update

Volunteers Needed
The IICRC is seeking volunteers to serve on consensus bodies for the development of the following Standards:

•    BSR/IICRC S300: Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Current status: IICRC is currently initiating the revision of the IICRC S300 and is seeking participation from stakeholders from the ‘user’ interest category. Users would be identified as a person or organization using the services covered by this Standard, rather than producing or selling them (i.e. upholstery manufacturers, rental unit owners, etc.)

IICRC S300 is a procedural standard. It has been written using reliable principles, research and practical experience, plus consultation with, and information obtained from, numerous sources. These include: allied tradespersons; cleaning chemical and equipment formulators and manufacturers; upholstery and furniture manufacturers; international, national and regional trade associations; organizations serving the professionals cleaning industry, both independent and franchise; cleaning industry training schools; cleaning service companies; and others with specialized experience.

The S300 Consensus Body Chair is Ed Hobbs and Vice Chair is Paul Pearce.

•    BSR-IICRC S400 Standard for Cleaning, Maintenance and Restoration of the Commercial Built Environment

Current status: IICRC is seeking volunteers to serve as non-voting section committee members on the S400 consensus body.

The BSR-IICRC S400 will focus on the commercial built environment and define tasks, frequencies, production expectations, goals, results, principles, methods and processes to clean, maintain and restore the built environment (i.e. materials, building assemblies, structures, furniture, fixtures and equipment located inside a building envelope). Volunteers with knowledge of the manufacturing of cleaning related products; distributors of commercial cleaning goods, equipment and consumables; building service contractors; in-house or captive cleaning providers; managers and administrators of commercial facilities; manufacturers of goods and materials for the commercial built environment; specification writers; design engineers; building engineers; architects; consultants; inspectors; and health professionals are recommended.

The S400 Consensus Body Chair is Richard Bodo, and Vice Chair is Dane Gregory.

•    *New* BSR/IICRC S550: Standard for Professional Water Damage Restoration of Commercial Structures.

Current status: IICRC is initiating the development of the BSR-IICRC S550.

The S550 will be a procedural standard for performing water damage restoration in commercial, industrial, institutional and complex residential structures, systems and furniture, fixtures and equipment. The proposed standard includes: building and material science; drying complex materials and systems; safety and health; project coordination, documentation, logistics and risk management; inspections, preliminary determinations and pre-restoration evaluations; limitations, complexities, complications, and conflicts; specialized experts; restoration procedures; HVAC; evaluation and furniture, fixtures and equipment; historical buildings; government; and healthcare facilities.

The S550 Consensus Body Chair is TBD.

•    ANSI/IICRC S800: Standard and R800 Reference Guide for Professional Inspection of Textile Floor Coverings.

Current status: IICRC is initiating the revision of the ANSI/IICRC S800.

The ANSI/IICRC S800: 2014 includes inspection of textile floor covering, including carpet and rugs, and establishes a procedural standard and reference guide for professionally inspecting textile floor coverings. The Standard defines basic operational procedures and techniques for inspecting/evaluating: carpet types, characteristics and conditions; specification; installation procedures; and post-installation maintenance and cleaning. This enables professional inspectors to determine appropriate procedures for inspecting textile floor coverings. S800 is not written to teach detailed inspection procedures; numerous manuals, videotapes, workshops and seminars are available to teach comprehensive textile floor covering inspection procedures. This standard was created for use primarily by professional inspectors, and secondarily for carpet manufacturers, product suppliers, building contractors, architects, specifiers, designers, distributors, flooring retailers, end-users, facility managers, institutions and others involved in the textile flooring inspection industry.

The S800 Consensus Body Chair is Mark Violand, and Vice Chair is Lew Migliore.

Those interested in participating on the consensus bodies should fill out the application forms linked above and email them to IICRC Standards at

Call for Volunteers: Development of First Ever Field Guide
IICRC is seeking volunteers to serve on the development committees for a first of its kind, field guide to help improve the health and safety practices of cleaning professionals.

The new document titled, “IICRC Field Guide for Safety and Health for Professional Cleaners” will supplement existing IICRC restoration standards and certification classes. The guide will include valuable information about safety and health hazard identification procedures, safe work practices and control methods that prudent cleaning professionals should employ.

Committee members can expect to begin work on the Field Guide in 2018 with all meetings being held online and via conference calls. The new field guide is expected to be completed in approximately one year.

Those interested in serving on the IICRC Field Guide for Safety and Health for Professional Cleaners committee can fill out the downloadable application form found here (PDF) and email it to IICRC Standards Director Mili Washington at  

Standards Subscription Website
The IICRC’s subscription website allows IICRC instructors, schools, Certified Firms and registrants to access standards, reference guides, technical papers and multimedia publications from anywhere an Internet connection is available. The site is located at

Standards website subscriptions are available in basic and premium packages. The basic package provides online access to all current IICRC standards and reference guides. The premium subscription also provides access to historical standards, new and updated technical papers, MoU partner organizations’ reference documents and standards, and multimedia publications including instructional videos. Both are offered as annual subscriptions.

Discounted rates are available for firms requiring multiple users. Instructors and schools will receive complimentary access to the premium subscription.  

For a demonstration on how to use the subscription site, visit

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