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Help Wanted: An Exploration of Family Business Dynamics in the Restoration Industry

Do you work for a family-owned restoration firm? California Baptist University (CBU) needs your help!

In the U.S., family firms account for approximately 90 percent of incorporated businesses, generate 49 percent of the gross domestic product, employ 85 percent of the private sector and create 86 percent of all new jobs. Despite such contributions to the United States economy, the succession rate among family firms diminishes rapidly within the first few generations. Although scholars have made advancements over the years in developing new measures for understanding the health, culture and dynamics of family firms, limited research has focused on applying such measures to understanding the dynamics of family firms within specific industries.

To remedy this, CBU researchers Dr. Jacob Avila and Dr. Francois Jacobs have reached out to the IICRC for help on a new study that examines behavioral patterns, cultural dimensions, cohesion and decision making practices within family firms in the restoration industry. By advancing their understanding of these issues, they hope to identify resources that may serve to enhance the health and sustainability of family-owned businesses in the restoration industry overall.

If you are at least 18 years old and a participating family member of a U.S. based family-owned restoration firm that provides one or any combination of the following services – emergency services, water extraction, contents recovery and restoration, structural restoration and reconstruction or structural bio-hazard decontamination – please take this survey. All data collection is anonymous to ensure confidentiality and reduce the likelihood of response bias.

We hope to share key findings of this research with Certified Firms to help ensure the long-term success of the thousands of family-owned businesses that make up our industry. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this study, please contact Dr. Jacob Avila by email at or by phone at 951-343-3942.

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