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Fall Meeting Update: From IICRC President and CEO Richard Greene

The first full fiscal year of IICRC operations with in-house management is complete, and remarkable progress has been made.  We’ve grown from one employee to a staff of 28 committed and service-oriented team members who care deeply about IICRC registrants. We’ve improved our core processes and renewed our credibility with instructors, registrants and certified firms.   

I’m proud to say that we’ve dramatically improved the experience of all IICRC stakeholders.  Turnaround time required to score exams, and produce and distribute certificates was reduced from months to hours.  Registrants now expect to receive exam scores no later than 14 days after class has ended.  We are also more disciplined in how we handle registrant and Certified Firm renewals, ensuring technicians and firms maintain their necessary credentials, and the IICRC collects the respective fees in a timely manner.

Many times, instructors are the first point of contact for technicians with the IICRC.  We strive to provide anything our instructors/ambassadors need to ensure a positive experience, and rely on them to establish the foundation for a valuable and long-term relationship with the IICRC.   

Financially, 2017 was a strong year.  In fact, it was the best year ever. The IICRC generated outstanding revenue and expenses were well managed, resulting in the highest net income in the history of the organization.  Along the way, financial transparency and reporting was improved through monthly KPI dashboards shared with the Board.

Our success this year did not come easy.  We had many contributors, and we learned a great deal about ourselves and our organization that will help us as we move forward.

The Board of Directors has been supportive of our efforts to restore the Institute’s reputation as a recognized leader in the industry.

Their patience, understanding, wisdom and guidance are much appreciated.
With continued vision from our Board of Directors, our committed in-house management team and our support staff applying their respective enthusiasm, perseverance, tenacity and flexibility, the IICRC will continue to be the most trusted, independent name in the inspection, cleaning and restoration industry.   

Richard Greene
IICRC President/CEO

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