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Disaster Response Resources

Disaster Response Resources Available From the IICRC

After two devastating hurricanes made landfall in the U.S. late last summer, the IICRC created a suite of resources to help fellow registrants prepare for and respond to catastrophic flooding events in their own communities.

Last week, within less than 48 hours, more than a month's worth of rain fell on some locations from Texas to Michigan. Coupled with the massive snow melt seen from milder temperatures, many rivers across the U.S. have reached or are projected to reach ‘major flood state’ within days.

In light of the recent activity, we wanted to remind you of the resources currently available, such as tips to restore flood damaged property on uninsured losses, and shareable content for consumers, such as practical self-mitigation strategies to employ until professional help arrives. Below is a list of the resources the IICRC has created:

Tips from the IICRC Chairman:

•    Catastrophic Flooding: How You Can Prepare and Respond


•    “Catastrophic Flooding: How can Certified Firms prepare and respond?”

•    “After a Hurricane: Homeowner Tips”  

•    “What To Do When Catastrophic Flooding Strikes”

•    “Restoring Flood Damage Property on Uninsured Losses”

Press Releases:

•    IICRC Offers Tips for Flood Damage Self-Mitigation

•    Don’t Get Scammed by a “Storm Chaser”


•    Storm Cleanup: What You Should Know Before You Go

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