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Different Methods For Cleaning Rugs

With the increased popularity of hard surface flooring, rugs have become a very popular and almost necessary item in many households. However, most people do not know that regularly cleaning rugs is just as important as taking care of the carpet or any other type of flooring. While an area rug or runner can be considered a stand-alone accessory, they need to be maintained and cleaned as if they are a permanent fixture in the home, especially if they are expensive and high-quality. Ensuring the life of your rug for as long as possible is only achieved by regular maintenance and professional cleaning.

What are the techniques used maintaining a rug? The answer to that depends on the material and fibers used.

There are many different types available, the most popular of which include: Oriental, Persian, fur, silk, and standard rugs. Each requires special care, and if it is not handled properly the task of cleaning rugs could turn into a destroyed investment, which is why it is so important to utilize professional technicians who know the ins and outs of each material, dye and weave involved.


In general, a standard rug should be cleaned by first vacuuming and then testing the color fastness of the chosen solution on a small, hidden area to ensure no damage or bleeding of the colors will occur. While many homeowners will try to do the task themselves, it is best to hire a certified professional.


The majority of Oriental rugs are made with acid-fast dye, so special care should be taken to prevent color bleeding. When cleaning Oriental rugs, it is important to avoid using brushes with stiff bristles or hard scrubbing, as pulling can occur. It is also essential to ensure that the rug dries completely before using it once again.


Likely one of the most complicated materials to deal with when cleaning rugs is silk. This extremely sensitive material is delicate in nature and reacts differently to cleansing solutions than any other material. Ideally, stains should try to be removed with little to no water, as water can begin to break down silk very quickly, especially if the water is hot. It is best to consider a trained professional to clean valuable silk rugs, as the slightest error in execution can mean disaster for family treasures such as these.


Cleaning rugs with the complexity and craftsmanship of a Persian requires a delicate balance. The technique must be strong enough to get the carpet clean and stain free, but also gentle enough not to unravel the delicate weave. Trained technicians will typically use proven techniques, as well as solutions and deodorizers that have been approved for the material. Proper drying of the rug thoroughly is essential to reduce the chance of fostering mold and mildew growth within the complex weave.

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