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December 2013 Newsletter New CF Benefit

New Benefit Package Available to IICRC Certified Firms in 2014
Package offers Certified Firms a potential savings of more than $12,000

Each year, IICRC Certified Firms receive several special benefits for signing up or renewing their status. Starting in January, they will receive a brand new benefit available throughout the 2014 calendar year. Offered through the IICRC-affiliated Council of Associations (IICRCA), the new benefit is aimed at enabling Certified Firms to grow their business, save money and increase their awareness.

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response of last year’s benefit of a six-month membership to the IICRCA, this year’s benefits include year-long enrollment in a special package with numerous discounted business services and lowered rates.

The 2014 Certified Firm package includes:

  • 25% off of payroll services
  • Up to 90% off office supplies (and free overnight shipping!)
  • 19% off of wireless phone plans
  • 25% off of uniform purchases
  • 5% off of uniform rentals  (and elimination of weekly service and delivery charges – equivalent to a $400 savings per year)
  • 4.5 cents off gasoline purchases at selected pumps
  • …and much, much more.

“We want to offer our Certified Firms the type of benefits that give them results,” said IICRC Chairman Tony Wheelwright. “By offering benefits through an association like the IICRCA, we can guarantee that our Certified Firms will receive new, exciting and effective benefits specifically designed just for them.”

All new and renewing Certified Firms will receive information on how to enroll in the new benefit package shortly after their 2013-2014 renewal has been completed.

For more information on the benefit package, please visit

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