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Consider Getting A Carpet Cleaning Reference Guide

Professionals looking to improve their knowledge of the industry should consider getting a carpet cleaning reference guide. There are a few publications available that can help a technician in this way, but the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC, produces the most extensive guides on the market. The IICRC is the most respected industry organization in the world and services more than 50,000 registrants and 6,000 certified firms from many countries. The IICRC is a large agency, but much of its effort is spent on producing industry standards.

These standards are updated regularly by the IICRC as technology and knowledge of the field improves
. They are considered by most consumers and firms to be best standards in the industry, so the overwhelming majority of technicians are familiar with them. The IICRC’s carpet cleaning reference guide compiles these standards in to a single publication for convenience. This particular set of standards is referred to as the BSR-IICRC S100. It was originally created in 1991 and has undergone four revisions since. The IICRC is always working to find ways to document standards to better reflect the current state of the industry and to ensure it meets ANSI standards. The ANSI, or American National Standards Institute, encourages and oversees the production of industry standards and practices in many fields. This ensures that American businesses are operating safely and providing the best services for U.S. citizens.

The IICRC is the only organization in the industry to be partnered with the ANSI. When the IICRC releases the next edition of its carpet cleaning reference guide, it will have the approval of the ANSI. This means that professionals using this publication will be able to use it with confidence to provide the highest quality of service to its customers.

The BSR-IICRC S100 contains the most effective methods of treating flooring and focuses on the five principles of cleaning
. These include dry soil removal, grooming, extraction, soil suspension and drying. Each topic is addressed separately and is shown in detail. Technicians using this publication will know how to perform each step of the process using the most efficient methods. In addition to technical resources, this carpet cleaning reference guide also provides consumer advice. It lays out a set of pretreatment and maintenance methods that show homeowners how to keep their flooring in excellent shape. The publication also shows a consumer how to identify and locate a properly trained professional. The BSR-IICRC S100 can be found online for a reasonable fee for consumers or professionals.

This carpet cleaning reference guide is considered by most to be the best collection of practices in the industry
. The IICRC is also the most respected institution when it comes to certification. The organization offers certification in dozens of disciplines, including carpet cleaning, repair, water damage restoration and mold remediation. Certification classes are taught by certified instructors all over the world. This allows a student to find a class nearby, making it a cost-effective and convenient option. Once a technician is certified, they are eligible for a number of benefits through the institution.

With the BSR-IICRC S100, a technician can approach every job with the knowledge needed to provide excellent service

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