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Common Questions About The Best Carpet Cleaner

Why should a professional aspire to become the best carpet cleaner possible?

In recent years, the textile treatment industry has sent out multiple surveys to homeowners asking them what they consider when hiring a professional. The results of the survey suggest consumers have become more discerning than ever, only focusing on technicians that have detailed training and education.

This is an industry trend that will likely only become more entrenched with time. For this reason, only skilled technicians will stand a chance in the coming years. A professional that wants to attract and retain new clients will need every advantage they can get, and that means providing a complete service. Of course, attaining a high level of skill in the industry will open up networking opportunities and help professionals connect with others in this field.

How can a technician become the best carpet cleaner they can be?
Experience and training should be considered two spokes in the same wheel. Without either, it will be difficult for a technician to stand out in the industry. However, it’s best to get the training in first so clients can reap the benefits of your diverse skill set.

Not all training is the same, though, and a professional should only consider a reputable educational organization like the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The IICRC’s primary focus is helping technicians improve their abilities and reputation in the field. To further this goal, the IICRC is linked to a huge network of approved schools that teach the institute’s classes, including the CCT (Carpet Cleaning Technician) course.

The CCT introduces students to a variety of important concepts, including various soiling conditions, treatment solutions, different fiber constructions and the best equipment available. By the time the technician completes the CCT, they will know how to perform the IICRC’s five pillars of textile treatment, preparing them for nearly any work setting.

Should a technician consider the IICRC’s advanced certification tracks to become the best carpet cleaner possible?

Once a professional attains certification in textile treatment, they will be ready to earn advanced designations in the field. To obtain journeyman status, the technician will need a year of experience in the industry and complete additional IICRC courses. To receive master status, the technician will need three years of experience and more completed courses under their belt. Getting to this level of expertise is an impressive feat, which is why master technicians are some of the most respected members of their field.

What additional skills can a professional learn to improve their standing in the field?

If a technician wants to diversify their abilities, they should consider some of the IICRC’s other courses. This includes classes in textile repair, color repair, odor removal, fire and water damage restoration, and maintenance of various other materials, like wood, leather and ceramic. Additional skills equal increased business, and consumers greatly appreciate a professional that can handle a variety of tasks.

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