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Common Questions About Mold Remediation Courses In Florida

What will students learn during mold remediation courses in Florida?

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) offers one of the industry’s most respected microbial removal classes. During the course, students will learn how to remove the most common microbial threats, including harmful mold colonies. This course is essential for water restoration technicians and any professionals that oversee structural drying.

IICRC’s class is four days long for a total of 28 hours of instruction time and covers the latest methods and technologies used in the fight against fungal colonies. By the time a student finishes the course, they will be able to work a variety of microbial removal jobs, while protecting others from health complications.

Where can a technician take mold remediation courses in Florida?

Wherever there is an IICRC approved school available, a student can take any IICRC classes that the school offers. The IICRC does not teach its courses through a centralized location or satellite campuses. Instead, the IICRC uses a network of approved schools and instructors to train technicians, making it easy for students to find a class nearby, no matter where they live.

In the Sunshine State, microbial removal is serious business. In fact, it is one of the few states that place special requirements on microbial removal technicians. With such a high demand for certified technicians in the state, students can find approved instruction throughout the area. This includes all of the state’s major urban areas, like Miami, Tampa, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Gainesville, Tallahassee, and others located in smaller towns. Even if a technician is living in a remote, rural area, they are only a few hours’ drive away from an approved school.

Are there online alternatives to mold remediation courses in Florida?

In general, the IICRC only offers continuing education online, and initial certification in the field is only possible following hands-on, classroom instruction. Hands-on training ensures the student is completely secure with the curriculum and is capable of using any equipment introduced during the class. Once a student receives certification in the field, they will be able to access a variety of online resources to maintain good standing with the IICRC and to expand their base of knowledge.
What is a mold removal specialist (MRS)?

The MRS certification exam is an alternative to the IICRC’s remediation class and verifies that the candidate meets state licensing requirements. It is a challenging, comprehensive test that requires knowledge in several areas. Candidates who take the MRS exam must be able to:

  • Perform and design fungal and microbial removal processes
  • Review removal protocols
  • Control pressure differentials
  • Demonstrate knowledge of industry standard removal practices
  • Contain contamination in residential and commercial buildings
  • Identify possible risk factors for fungal growth
  • Demonstrate knowledge of safety procedures necessary for working in a contaminated environment

A technician does not need to take IICRC classwork before taking the MRS exam, though it is highly recommended. The MRS exam is available at testing centers around the country and does not require continuing education to maintain.

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