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Coming Clean About Carpet Survey Results

Companies in the carpet cleaning industry need an edge over their competitors if they want to stand out from the crowd. One of the best agencies for following trends in the field is Cleanfax, an industry publication that gathers consumer information. Recently, Cleanfax published a survey produced by the Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC. This survey gathered the opinions of over 1,000 random consumers, providing valuable insight for cleaning and restoration businesses. This survey made one thing extremely clear: Certification is one of the most important benchmarks for every industry professional to achieve.

According to this survey, deep textile cleaning is seen by many as a luxury or not absolutely necessary
. Of the people who were approached, 8 percent said that they had never deep cleaned their carpets. Another 7 percent said they weren’t sure. More than 50 percent of the consumers surveyed thoroughly wash their carpets every year, and 34 percent said that they did so every six months. 10 percent claimed they cleaned their carpets once a month, while 5 percent of respondents did so more than once a month. This survey supports the notion that many consumers are not aware of the importance of cleaning their carpets. As a result of these findings, industry technicians should strive to inform potential customers of the health and aesthetic benefits associated with a professional cleaning.

Elderly consumers are the most likely to hire a professional carpet cleaning service. In fact, among those born before 1946, 56 percent of the surveyed consumers stated that they had hired a company for this reason in the past. Among everyone who was surveyed, 39 percent of people stated that they had hired a professional service. It’s a strong sign that businesses have to work harder than ever to attract customers.

Respondents varied greatly in what they thought they should pay for such a service. Surveyed consumers, on average, expected to pay $79 per room for a professional job. However, 21 percent of respondents expected to pay between $20 and $29, while 11 percent expected to pay between $100 and $199 for the service. The largest percentage of people, at 34 percent, expected to spend between $50 and $99 per room. Some of this variance is likely due to the fact that some homeowners hire cheap, uncertified workers for a bargain price.

However, according to the survey, it appears that consumers have a high regard for certification. Only 7 percent of respondents stated that certification was not important when hiring a service. Among everyone else, 17 percent said it was somewhat important, 21 percent said it was fairly important, 34 percent said it was very important and 21 percent said it was extremely important. While home and business owners may disagree on when to hire a professional and how much to pay, they are unified in seeking out companies that have certified technicians.

The IICRC is the go-to organization for carpet cleaning certification. They have set the standards within this industry and strive to keep their registrants up to date on the latest techniques in the field. With certifications and adequate experience, a professional can earn the coveted CleanTrust mark for their business. This makes it clear that the company knows how to provide a thorough cleaning or restoration with the latest technology. The IICRC also offers additional visibility through its online database for registrants. For an industry in search of customers, this extra help is extremely valuable.

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