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Choosing A Carpet Cleaning Institute In The Northwest

Education is no longer a luxury in the flooring treatment industry; it is now a much-needed advantage. Professionals living along the west coast can secure their education by attending classes through a carpet cleaning institute in the Northwest United States. When taking coursework, a technician will be able to choose from a range of skills and get experience working in a variety of situations. This knowledge will prove invaluable on the job, and can help a firm establish itself to home and business owners in their area. And, perhaps most importantly, training can be completed over several days, so it only requires minimal downtime for the technician.
What organizations can help a professional improve their education in the field?

The Carpet Cleaning Institute of the Northwest (CCINW) is a  shareholder of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and is one of the oldest industry organizations in the country. The organization’s foundation was established in the 1940s, when a group of treatment professionals in Oregon began gathering occasionally to discuss how to do their jobs better. This group soon joined forces with a professional group in Washington, and together they started the CCINW.

Both the IICRC and CCINW have a strong presence in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and parts of Canada, including Alberta and British Colombia. Technicians working in the region can usually find courses in major cities like Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary, and Boise, in addition to a number of smaller towns. Both organizations place a significant priority on course accessibility, so a professional can typically find a class that’s within a day’s drive. And most schools and instructors will announce their courses well in advance, so a technician will have plenty of time to plan a trip.

The IICRC is primarily focused on establishing and teaching curriculum, offering dozens of classes that cover everything from textile treatment to microbial remediation, to color repair and odor removal. Attaining certification in these fields will give the registrant access to a vast network of industry professionals that can serve as useful contacts, and will allow technicians to take continuing education courses. Continuing education classes involve specialized topics, such as crime scene cleanup, and can pass on some hard to find skills, making a technician that much more valuable to an employer.

The Carpet Cleaning Institute of the Northwest also provides educational opportunities to professionals, and members are given an annual $500 grant to put toward industry coursework. Also, the CCINW’s reputation and partnerships give it access to discounts offered by other educational organizations, and these are passed on to CCINW members. Firm owners can also benefit from the CCINW, as membership provides for additional services, like access to business and health insurance at favorable rates.

In short, both the IICRC and CCINW provide a wealth of opportunities and tools for industry professionals, and effective use of them can greatly accelerate a technician’s career.

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