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A doctor diagnosing a major ailment without proper credentials is like someone without a carpet restoration certification repairing a damaged floor. Covering up that iron burn on the floor with the Christmas tree may be tempting, but what happens when Santa leaves town? There are several quick fixes to nearly any textile problem known to man, but these solutions never last long and tend to create more problems than were present in the beginning. Unraveling fibers, bleached spots and loose pockets should be issues left in the hands of a technician with the proper training.

Restoration is something to consider when the flooring is experiencing a minor defect or when foot traffic has worn it down, and the budget does not allow for a replacement. Patching jobs can easily be botched, and anyone who has experienced a fire in a home knows the smell cannot be eliminated until the flooring has undergone odor elimination therapy. These are services not typically offered by carpet cleaning companies, and it takes a specialist who has taken the steps to obtain carpet restoration certification.

It is about as difficult for an installer to obtain this licensing as it is for a restaurant manager to get trained in food service safety. The Institution for Inspecting, Cleaning and Restoring Certification, or the IICRC, has set these standards. The IICRC offers a series of classes, ranging from odor control to water damage, which each carpeting technician is required to complete. After completion, the student receives a document to prove he or she has obtained the skills from the session. A piece of paper is not enough, though, and it takes a passing grade on an industry standards test to obtain carpet restoration certification. Technicians can advance their status with experience and continuing education courses. By doing so, the employee benefits the company tremendously.

Not only can a specialist fix the area that Christmas tree has hiding from critical eyes, but her or she can guarantee it will be done with superior quality. The benefits of this licensing are very rounded. A technician is more likely to land a job over someone without the certification because an employer will spend less money for training. A company that employs top notch individuals will be in higher demand among consumers. If customers are given the choice, they are going to select the company or contractor with the better reputation, and technicians with carpet restoration certification are sure to tip the balance in their favor. Also, a company can qualify for referrals by the IICRC, thus supplying more demand for service and possibly creating more jobs. This keeps the business competitive and helps the economy at the same time.

Some people rationalize textile damage away, but hoping nobody will notice it will only lead to further damage and flooring deformities. Truth is, that area fluffy decided to sharpen her claws on is going to keep coming unraveled and a specialist can stop it once and for all.  After undergoing rigorous classes and testing, technicians can obtain carpet restoration certification.  In doing so it benefits the company, but most of all, the customer.

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Displaying 1 to 13 (of 13 articles) Result Pages:  1 

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