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Burns, stains, fading and tears are all a fact of life with flooring, but proper carpet repair can bring them back to life. Most of the time, this involves patching a damaged piece of textile with one in better condition. The process doesn’t take long, assuming the damage isn’t widespread, but it does take skill and specialized tools. Because of this, it’s best to hire a professional that can get the job done without incident. Botching the process may cause more damage, or require more material than should really be needed.

The most common reason for removing a section of flooring and replacing it is because of permanent stains. Some stains, like bleach, will set in quickly and no amount of scrubbing can reverse the permanent discoloration that it causes. When this happens, only carpet repair can return the floor to its original state.

Most businesses that offer cleaning services will also provide carpet repair, and when looking for a group of professionals to handle the job, it’s best to look for those that are certified. This is the only way to ensure that the work will be done correctly and with the utmost care.

When the professionals come out to the property, the first thing they will likely do is gauge the scope of the damage. If it’s localized, then a patch job will be no problem. If it’s extensive, then full replacement may be required. The former can be done in under half an hour, while the latter will naturally take much longer, and will take much more logistical setup than a simple patch.

Once the damage is assessed, the actual carpet repair can begin. The professional will first mark out the area to be removed. This will usually be a square or rectangular piece, as it will be easier to remove if straight edges are used. Next, a specialized cutter is used to slice the piece out, and the specialist will use the marks he or she made previously to make precision cuts.

Now that the bad patch is removed, the professional finds a suitable piece that can fill in for it. This may either be textiles that were left over when the flooring was originally installed, or it may be a piece taken from a closet or another area not likely to be seen every day. The soiled or stained section may be used in the spot where the patch is taken from.

The new textile is fit into the hole left behind, and is glued into place, usually with a heated epoxy. The worker will then make sure that the seams left behind by the cut are smoothed out so they are rendered invisible. The area is trimmed down to match its surroundings, and at this point, the job is done.

It’s best to let the carpet repair sit undisturbed for a few days, at least, before allowing any foot traffic on it. To speed up the process up, place a heavy object on the patch to help it adhere and set.

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