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Carpet Cleaning Solutions: When Its Time To Get A Professional

At some point just about everyone wishes they had more carpet cleaning solutions. After all, from the office to the living room, carpeting is used nearly everywhere. And a clean carpet is a wonderful thing—aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and functional—but when it gets dirty, it can get really dirty.

It’s common for technicians to see failed attempts at do it yourself approaches to carpet cleaning. What seems like a good idea can quickly turn into a surprise bleach spot or much worse, resulting in a blemish where there was once a flawless surface. As a result, it’s important to know when to call in a professional to do the job right.

Getting the Job Done Right

There are numerous over the counter products that consumers have access to that claim to offer the perfect carpet cleaning solutions. While some of these products may work as advertised if used correctly (these products often don’t make a lot of big promises), others are less reliable. The internet also offers a buffet of home-remedies and purported solutions, and these remedies can pose a major risk. The suggested remedies often only make a problem worse.

A tough job isn’t going to be solved by applying cleaning products alone. As a result, consumers often rent equipment to tackle the job. The problem is that not only do the quality of these machines vary immensely (both in terms of the condition of the rental equipment and the quality of the machine to begin with), but the results are frequently lackluster—very few people would consider a carpet cleaned with a rental machine to actually be clean. Valuable hours spent in frustration using poor-quality machinery can also quickly add up.

Certified technicians have the knowledge and training to approach the complexities of various fibers and constructions, enabling them to effectively restore the carpeting back to its best possible condition. Technicians with certification from the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification), the industry’s leading certification-issuing body, have received industry-leading training and are prepared to handle the worst carpeting issues out there.

Consumers with high-quality Oriental and Persian rugs should certainly refer to a professional rather than attempt any carpet cleaning solutions themselves. These items are painstakingly made by hand and are often heirloom quality, something to enjoy for a lifetime. That is, unless an easily botched attempt at cleaning results in a large bleach stain, discoloration, fabric deterioration, or any other commonly seen symptoms of a failed attempt at self-cleaning.

Not only do technicians have the knowledge and training to handle the toughest stains on the most delicate fibers, they also have the right equipment. Certified technicians are trained to know the right chemical compositions for the job and are fully equipped with the machinery needed to get it done right. And it’s never a gamble when a certified technician is on the job: professional service is the core of a technician’s business.

In the end, consumers looking for carpet cleaning solutions need to consider how valuable both their time and carpeting are—without a professional, there’s always a risk.

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