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Carpet Cleaning Certification Training Is The Way To Go

What is the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification?

The IICRC is an organization whose primary purpose is to establish and uphold the universal standards for carpet and furniture restoration, cleaning, and certification through proper training and education.  

Why should a technician consider getting their certification through the IICRC?

The IICRC is a world-wide and respected organization that is recognized by many of the industries top leaders. Because of this, the Institute has many connections and resources that would otherwise be unavailable to most technicians. Besides being well respected, a technician trained by the IICRC has been equipped with the knowledge of the newest techniques and products to guarantee that the customer can have confidence in their services. By combining respect and cutting-edge knowledge, IICRC trained technicians are well-equipped for a number of soiling situations.

What consists of getting carpet cleaning certification training with the IICRC?

When one is seeking carpet cleaning certification training, or any certification in this industry, they should be prepared to complete the appropriate course followed by a standardized test. Finishing the course and passing the test demonstrates that the technician has retained the necessary information to be thorough and effective in their field. Content of the courses will vary depending on what knowledge is being sought out.  After completion of the course and receiving a passing grade on the test, the technician will need to earn future continuing education credits in order to maintain their certification.

What continuing education is available for technicians after completing the basics?

The IICRC encourages certified technicians to further their education and expand their knowledge within the field by offering a number of additional certification tracks. Courses can range from broad, such as Basic Safety Training, to more specific training such as Trauma Scene Clean Up.  You can find a complete listing of certification tracks on the IICRC’s website.

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