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Carpet Cleaning Certification Should Be Done With IICRC

Those interested in obtaining carpet cleaning certification can find an extensive lineup of Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT) courses through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

The IICRC works with more than 40 highly recognized schools and academies across the country (and additional schools world-wide), facilitating education and certification in the restoration, cleaning and inspection industries. The organization is the internationally accepted standard-setting and certifying body for industry professionals.

The IICRC does not operate any schools, nor does it employ instructors. Instead, the organization partners with widely respected schools that meet highest educational standards.

Formal carpet cleaning certification by the IICRC sets a professional apart from competitors with inferior or no education at all—including those who obtained accreditation by regional, less-recognized organizations. The IICRC and its approved schools are reputed for delivering well-rounded instruction that thoroughly prepares students for performing their duties proficiently and ethically. IICRC-endorsed education is highly valued by employers and peers, as well as quality-conscious consumers who look for—and trust—technicians who display the patch indicating IICRC carpet cleaning certification.

The CCT course is a 2-day class that instructs students in the science and art of carpet treatments through classroom learning and hands-on training. Participants learn to identify different yarns and fibers, distinguish between construction types and finishes, and assess soiling conditions. The class also prepares students in the practical application of soil and stain removal techniques.

Furthermore, the CCT course prepares industry professionals for the pursuit of higher-level educational goals and is a prerequisite for progressive coursework and advanced designations like Journeyman or Master Textile Cleaner, Journeyman or Master Water Restorer, and Master Fire and Smoke Restorer.

Exams are held at the end of the class and must be taken on site immediately following the conclusion of each course. If, for whatever reason, a student is unable to take the exam at the end of the class, he or she must locate an exam monitor in his or her area and take the test within 90 days. Likewise, students who fail the initial exam must contact an exam monitor to repeat the test within 90 days of the original test date.

Multiple IICRC-approved carpet cleaning certification classes are currently scheduled across the country for the remainder of 2014 and into 2015. Prospective students can find a course at a location near them by visiting the IICRC’s website.

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