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Carpet Cleaners Should Be Certified And Reputable

It may be tempting for a homeowner to rent out carpet cleaners at a local hardware store to cut costs, but this option will produce inferior results. Anything available to homeowners is not going to match professional equipment, resulting in a less effective treatment. With less powerful machinery, treatment will take longer, not remove as much soil, and will usually leave behind a lot of water, resulting in increased drying times and accelerated re-soiling.

Why should homeowners consider certified professional carpet cleaners when treatment is necessary?

Professionals certified in treatment not only have the best equipment available for the job, they know how to use this equipment as efficiently as possible. One of the problems that homeowners run into with rental equipment is not knowing exactly how it performs. The hot water extractors that professionals use are calibrated to inject as little water as possible during operation. This is not the case with rental machines. Even if it happens to be a high-end piece of machinery, an untrained homeowner is likely to use too much water or detergent without realizing it, leaving their flooring soaked for far too long. When water sits deep in the carpeting, it attracts dirt, mud, dander and pests, possibly leaving the floor in worse condition than before treatment. Also, excess water reduces the structural integrity of  carpet fibers, so they may tear or unravel if the carpet is put under stress while wet. And in some cases, a homeowner may use so much water that the flooring stays wet for many hours. This can allow mold to take root in the home, causing health problems for the home’s occupants.

Professional carpet cleaners have access to powerful vacuums that make for efficient dry soil removal, which is an essential part of the treatment process. Without it, applying water to the floor may cause problems as the soils break down and spread through the fibers.

Superior equipment is not the only reason homeowners should consider professional carpet cleaners. Certified professionals have a repertoire of techniques to draw from in any work setting, so they can deal with any unique challenges they face. Some stains and odors won’t respond to anything but professional equipment and require special cleansing agents and odor neutralizers. In addition, if there is any physical damage to the carpeting, such as tears, it will be nearly impossible for a homeowner to fix on their own. Professionals in this field typically offer a range of services, including repair work and sometimes replacement.

Homeowners should avoid picking just any professional. Certified technicians, particularly those certified through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), have proven their ability to other experts in the field. IICRC-certified professionals know how to use the most modern equipment available and make use of the IICRC’s practices, which are considered the best the industry has to offer.

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