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Becoming Certified For Hard Surface Cleaning

Where can a firm and their technicians receive instruction in hard surface cleaning?

The IICRC or Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification is where those who are either otherwise certified, or those wanting certification are going. The reason is that the IICRC is a globally recognized non-profit organization that not only upholds the industry’s standards, but they are also a part of the body that creates and implements these standards. They have the highest standards in the industry and therefore, it is the most sought-out organization for training in the cleaning, restoration, and inspection industry.
The IICRC has approved schools and instructors throughout the globe. Finding an IICRC-approved school that is close to the technician can be done through the IICRC’s website. There is also a listing of the instructors and the courses that are available. It will also list the date and location of each course, so it is easy to integrate ongoing education into a technician's work schedule. Continuing education in the inspection, restoration and cleaning field is paramount to a growing and thriving company. Just as in other professions, furthering one’s education in this industry or honing in on a specialty makes the individual more employable and broadens a firm's reach to potential customers.  

What type of hard surface cleaning will a technician learn through the IICRC and their approved schools?

The hard surface floor cleaning course offered by the IICRC is the Floor Care (hard surfaces) Technician or FCT. This introductory-level course is over two days, and the technician will learn industry overview, principals, and procedures, including specialized floor care, safety, health and liability, various flooring materials, how to troubleshoot problem areas, what chemicals, tools, and equipment are suited for the particular job, and other industry resources.

Is there additional education a technician can obtain in regards to hard surface cleaning?

Yes. The IICRC offers the SMT or Stone, Masonry and Ceramic Tile Cleaning Technician course. This class covers the gamut of man-made stone and natural stone, grout surfaces, ceramic tile, and masonry. The student will learn about which chemicals, tools and equipment to use, and why. The primary focus of the class will be on how to protect the premises, occupants, and the technician during hard surface cleaning. Upon completion of this two-day course, the student will be able to perform preservation-related tasks relating to these flooring surfaces.

Does it really make a difference to invest in FCT or SMT certification?

Yes. Research has shown that firms and their technicians that have certification in this field are being sought after above their competition. Why? Homeowners see the value in choosing a certified professional. Flooring like ceramic tile or cultured stone can be quite an investment for a homeowner, and they want to keep it in excellent condition. Homeowners are also seeing that just regular sweeping and mopping isn’t tackling stains or issues with the grout. For this reason, they are calling in professionals to help rejuvenate and maintain their hard surface flooring.

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