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Attending The Top Carpet Cleaning Institute In America

A carpet cleaning institute in America has to perform several important duties as professionals in the industry, and this takes an organization that has a deep pool of resources and a lot of experience. Among industry organizations, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is one of the few that can act in nearly any role for a professional, serving as a top option for training, networking, and consumer relations. That’s why it counts more than 50,000 registrants among its ranks, and why it is the most respected treatment firm in the world.

What makes the IICRC the most respected carpet cleaning institute in America?

Since 1972, the IICRC has focused on training industry professionals in the latest treatment technology. In fact, the very first focus of the IICRC was to introduce professionals to steam cleaning, which was considered a major advancement in the industry at the time. Now, the IICRC still introduces professionals to the best equipment and methods in the field, but on a  much larger scope. In fact, the IICRC is now a global organization with facilities and education partners in several countries, including Australia, Canada and Japan.

As the leading carpet cleaning institute in America, the IICRC’s coursework is considered the industry’s best. Its CCT (Carpet Cleaning Technician) course uses practices and standards that have been developed over many years, and approved by the ANSI, the leading consumer agency responsible for developing quality standards among many industries. During the CCT course, students are taught these practices and are also given plenty of time with quality equipment and emerging technology. By the time a student has completed the course, they will be able to identify a variety of fiber types, recognize different soils, and respond to them appropriately, and also know how to safely suspend and remove matted-in soils. The CCT is a two day course, and it can make an immediate, measurable impact on a professional’s ability.

 The CCT is only the beginning. With additional training, professionals can learn how to better remove stains and odors, repair color damage, remove water and fire damage, and repair carpeting that has bunched up or torn.

Training is the IICRC’s primary focus, and that’s why it works to make it accessible no matter where a professional works. IICRC courses are managed through a network of approved schools that are located around the world, and each one is capable of training professionals.

A resourceful carpet cleaning institute in America can also help professionals on the business side as well..

When a professional attains certification through the IICRC, they are sending a message to potential clients, and one that will improve the technician’s reputation and ability to attract clients.

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