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Attending The Best Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning Institute

Homeowners now place a great deal of emphasis on whether or not the technician they hire is trained and educated properly, which is why many professionals are looking for a carpet and upholstery cleaning institute they can trust. Ideally, the right organization will be able to train a professional close to where they live, and will be able to support the technician even after they have been certified. It is also important to find a reputable organization that maintains a respected set of standards and practices. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) checks every box on the list, providing unmatched assistance to professionals before and after they are certified.

Why is the IICRC a top carpet and upholstery cleaning institute?

The highest consumer standards authority in the U.S. is the ANSI, a federal agency whose job it is to establish a set of standards in as many industries as possible. The idea is to improve quality of life for Americans by creating excellent standards and holding professionals to them. So, if an organization is selected by the ANSI to generate industry standards, it means the organization has a strong reputation, and the trust of many industry members. The IICRC has been tasked by the ANSI to create practices regarding carpet cleaning, and because it is a top carpet and upholstery cleaning institute, the IICRC has done so with the S100 publication, perhaps the most used set of standards in the industry, around the globe. It should be clear that the organization that produces such a lauded set of standards is also capable of instructing professionals in its use.

The IICRC, as a leading carpet and upholstery cleaning institute, provides a range of classes for professionals in several industries. The IICRC does not teach these courses from a central location, instead using a network of approved schools to relay the IICRC’s standards to the professionals. There are dozens of approved schools in the U.S. alone, so technicians rarely have to travel far to get to an approved school.  

During the IICRC’s treatment courses, professionals will learn how to identify a variety of fiber types and soils, something that will come in handy when a professional has to work in a heavily soiled environment. Students also learn the IICRC’s methods for removing soils, even those that are heavily matted into the carpet fibers. If there are structural problems with the flooring, a professional who has received certification in carpet repair, color repair or odor removal can get the job done properly and efficiently. These same principles are used to some extent with cleaning the furniture and other fabrics as well.

Once a professional has completed an IICRC course, they can greatly improve their reputation in the field by attaining certification. For particularly ambitious technicians, there are advanced certification tracks available if a professional wants to improve their skills in multiple areas. And there are always continuing education courses to fine-tune a professional’s abilities. Learning through the IICRC doesn’t end at certification.

Being a top carpet and upholstery cleaning institute, the IICRC knows the state of the industry, and homeowners now expect their professionals to have an education prior to being hired for the job. The IICRC can help a technician adjust to this sentiment, and prepare them for what the industry currently holds.

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