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Attending A Mold Remediation Course In Atlanta, GA

An IICRC-approved mold remediation course in Atlanta, GA will teach technicians a variety of removal and follow-up techniques. Dealing with and removing this potentially harmful fungi is a valuable skill-set. Mold is an insidious and unwanted visitor in homes and businesses. It can negatively impact health and create a host of environmental issues. It is very hard to deal with, and the average homeowner is not equipped to handle the task, nor should they expose themselves any further to the dangers involved.

Professional remediation technicians are required. It is a burgeoning industry, and the need for certified technicians in the field is growing. Certification provides credentials that verify an individual’s training in containment and removal. A remediation course will typically teach a professional how to identify the fungi, the health ramifications concerning it, the effect of moisture on structures, United States guidelines and regulations for safety, and more. Approved instructors who have field experience teach each class.

Identifying Contamination

One of the first things learned in a mold remediation course in Atlanta, GA is to test for the fungi and identify spores and microbial colonies, as well as assess the amount of contamination. Techs will be taught inspection procedures, how to determine the size of a project, and how to develop a plan for removal.

Health Effects

Mold travels easily by air, so inhalation of spores is common in an affected environment. The most common health hazards of exposure to the fungi are allergic reactions. Symptoms may involve some or all of the following: wheezing and difficulty in breathing, rash, itchy watery eyes, coughing, and nasal drip. During remediation, the fungi can be disturbed, sending the spores airborne, causing the risk of exposure to increase. A mold remediation course in Atlanta, GA will teach the technician what kind of required protective gear is to be worn, such as safety goggles, disposable clothing, and respirators, and how to use them to protect eyes, skin, and the respiratory system during clean-up.  

Containment Guidelines

Procedures will be covered in a mold remediation course in Atlanta, GA for the containment of the fungi. It is necessary to limit the spread and prevent exposure to clean-up crews and other building occupants. Polyethylene sheeting and negative air pressure will ensure that any contaminated air remains within the area of contamination. In larger areas, the construction of interior structures may be necessary to isolate the infestation.

Remediation Methods

The essence of a mold remediation course in Atlanta, GA is just what the course name says, remediation, including containment, removal, and clean-up. The student learns how to quarantine the affected area and determine the appropriate removal method. Typically, chemical treatment is combined with the physical removal of the infestation. Since removal can be difficult, students must learn to survey the property and decide if it can be restored or needs  extensive demolition.

If there is any suspicion that mold is affecting an area in a home or office, it is crucial to get in touch with local certified remediation professionals at once.

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