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IICRC Newsletter Spotlight Mike West
IICRC Newsletter Spotlight Mike West - Nationally Recognized Carpet Industry Expert & Lowest Active IICRC Registration #103
Master Certifications For May
Congratulations, Master Certifications!
Master Certifications For August
Congratulations, Master Certifications!
IICRC Newsletter August Announces New Strategic Mission Plan
IICRC Announces New Mission Statement and Strategic Plan
IICRC Newsletter Spotlight Andrew Bartlett
IICRC International Spotlight: Andrew Bartlett - Director and Senior Technician at Restoraction Limited
IICRC Newsletter August S520 Standard for Public Revision
The 2008: S520 Standard for Professional Mold Remediation was made available for public review and comment in early July as part of the ANSI 45-day public review period. The review period will close on Aug. 19, 2013.
IICRC Newsletter August MRS In Florida
The IICRC Mold Removal Specialist (MRS) certification exam is now accepted for applicants seeking mold remediation licensure in the state of Florida.
IICRC Newsletter August Global Resource Center
IICRC Purchases Las Vegas Property to Serve as New Global Resource Center
IICRC Government Affairs News 5-13
The Government Affairs Committee has been keeping track of legislative issues around the country and has submitted the following report for distribution to registrants. Some of this information is very important to our registrants particularly those doing work in Maryland.
IICRC Appoints New Agencies To Lead 2013 Marketing Program
Vancouver, Wash.—March 19, 2013— The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) today announced the appointment of Mulberry Marketing Communications as its marketing agency of record.
IICRC to Open New Global Resource Center
LAS VEGAS —July 16, 2013— The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) today announced the purchase of a property in Las Vegas that will serve as its new Global Resource Center.
The Name Game: IICRC Wants Your Suggestions For New E-News Title
The Name Game: IICRC Wants Your Suggestions for New E-Newsletter Title. Witty, funny or to the point—the individual with the best title will win a complimentary conference and tradeshow admission
BOD Meeting Updates
The IICRC Board of Directors met in mid-April before the start of the Restoration Industry Association (RIA) trade show in Las Vegas. With many anticipated improvements on the horizon, the Board had a full agenda during the two-day session.
ANSI Approval Of S520 Press Release
Vancouver, Wash.—March 6, 2013— The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) announces the withdrawal of the ANSI/IICRC S520: 2008 Standard and Reference Guide as an ANSI Standard.
What To Know About Carpet Cleaning Certification Classes
A technician that wants to move his career forward should consider carpet cleaning certification classes through the Institute of Inspection of Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC. This institution was started in 1972 and has grown quickly since.
Consider Getting A Carpet Cleaning Reference Guide
Professionals looking to improve their knowledge of the industry should consider getting a carpet cleaning reference guide.
Where To Start When You Learn The Carpet Cleaning Business
For people wanting to start their own profession, many are looking to learn about the carpet cleaning business. There are many questions that people have when starting their own small business.
Cleaning Smoke Damage With A Professional
Cleaning smoke damage is best left to the professionals. While many home and business owners have access to simple tools or products that can be rented, restoring carpets, drapes, and upholstery that have been blackened in the fumes of a fire is a difficult task.
Reasons To Find A Rug Repair Company
Needing rug repair is a fact of life for any floor coverings that receive constant wear and use. Persian or Oriental wool rugs are often family heirlooms or significant investments. For this reason, some people choose to have their pieces completely restored.
10 Leather Cleaning Tips For Maintaining Furniture
People who own leather furniture often need cleaning tips to ensure they keep their items conditioned properly. This material is particularly sensitive to stains and damage, so it needs regular attention to stay in excellent condition.
What To Do When A Home Suffers From Water Damage
When a major storm passes close to the house, the home may suffer water damage that is difficult to repair. There are many things a family can do to begin repairing any destruction, but a certified professional will likely be needed to get rid of any serious health or structural threats.
The Difficulties With Cleaning Frieze Carpet
Frieze carpet refers to a style of textile that is similar to the retro shag rugs of the 1970s. Like a shag rug, this textile is designed with a deep pile, which means the fibers are long and durable. This pile can withstand constant wear and traffic for years before it needs to be replaced.
Getting Certified Through Mold Remediation Courses
When homeowners are recovering from flood damage, they need a technician who has completed certified mold remediation courses. Water can cause major problems with textiles, carpets, furniture, clothing and other organic materials.
There Are A Number Of Different Odor Removal Techniques
Smoke odor removal can sometimes be accomplished by washing down hard surfaces with a mild soap and water solution.
The Importance Of Professional Upholstery Cleaning Standards
The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC, is responsible for managing professional upholstery cleaning standards in the industry.
Guide For Crime Scene Biological And Infectious Hazard Clean Up
Professional cleaners that deal with trauma clean-up can better market their services by advertising their full compliance with guidelines laid out in the Reference Guide for Trauma and Crime Scene Biological and Infectious Hazard Clean Up.
Knowing The Professional Mold Remediation Standards
The authority on professional mold remediation standards in the inspection, cleaning and restoration industry is the IICRC. As a standard setting and certifying body backed by ANSI, the IICRC released a Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation in 2008, the BSR-IICRC S520.
The Purpose Of A Professional Mold Remediation Reference Guide
Since 2008, technicians have relied on the pages of the IICRC’s Professional Mold Remediation Reference Guide as a tool to assist in the removal of fungus from homes and businesses.
A Hard Surface Certified Brochure For Flooring Companies
Being able to hand customers a Hard Surface Certified Brochure can communicate to them that a business is truly professional and knows their industry.
What Is The Professional Upholstery Cleaning Reference Guide
The Professional Upholstery Cleaning Reference Guide is one of many standards developed by the IICRC in partnership with The American National Standards Institute, or ANSI.
Looking At A Mold Remediation Course Online
Professionals are encouraged to take the Mold Remediation Course described online through the IICRC website. This exam has been developed for professionals that wish to be successfully skilled in mold removal for buildings and items within structures being affected by this fungus.
How To Correctly Learn Carpet Cleaning
To comprehensively learn carpet cleaning, a technician should attend an Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC-approved certification program. Schools approved by the organization provide courses and exams that can result in becoming a certified technician.
What Are The Carpet Cleaning Standards
In the textile treatment industry, carpet cleaning standards are important for every company to follow. These guidelines show professionals how to approach a job and what equipment to use in various situations.
Looking To Take The Carpet Cleaning Certification Exam
As part of its commitment to education, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) connects technicians and other industry professionals with accredited schools that offer a carpet cleaning certification exam along with a host of other courses and programs.
Coming Clean About Carpet Survey Results
Companies in the carpet cleaning industry need an edge over their competitors if they want to stand out from the crowd. One of the best agencies for following trends in the field is Cleanfax, an industry publication that gathers consumer information.
Starting A Successful Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning Company
It is a great benefit to a new carpet and upholstery cleaning business to gain IICRC certifications to let potential customers know that they are entrusting a trained professional with their textile needs.
Why Professional Carpet Cleaners Should Get A Certification
Professional carpet cleaners are always looking for a way to distinguish themselves from their competitors. In most cities, there are dozens of businesses that provide these services, so reaching out to customers can be difficult.
What Is A Certified Firm Brochure
When it comes to hiring a company for carpet and upholstery restoration, a Certified Firm Brochure can help potential clients understand the importance of hiring a reputable company that is up to date on their techniques.
How An Inspection Brochure Provides Understanding For Customers
Because of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification’s (IICRC) impeccable reputation, purchasing Inspection Brochures to hand out to potential customers makes sense. These come in packs of 100, and are ready for dispensing upon arrival.
Getting Certified In Smoke Restoration Can Improve A Career
Professionals who work in the smoke damage restoration industry need to always be up to date with their knowledge of the field. Homeowners may think that once a fire is put out the danger has passed, but these specialists know better.
A Restoration Brochure Can Be A Valuable Tool
Companies that repair fire and water damage may have trouble explaining their services to consumers, which makes a restoration brochure a valuable tool in the industry. These documents can be purchased through The Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC.
An IICRC Cleaning Brochure Is An Effective Way To Get Business
Service providers in the industry have found that offering an IICRC Cleaning Brochure for their client’s perusal is a low-cost yet effective way to drive business.
Furthering Education With Carpet Cleaning Certification Classes
Continuing education and up to date training are a must in the floor cleaning industry. Service providers who strive to deliver the best possible value to their customers may consider attaining a professional stamp of approval by taking advantage of carpet cleaning certification classes.
Finding Restoration Companies For Carpet Repair
When a consumer needs help from restoration companies, they should rely on a business that has a strong set of certifications. There are several industry agencies that provide these, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification is the most respected organization in the field.
Benefits Of Mold Remediation Courses For Carpet Restoration
Mold remediation courses are a bit different from the more standard types of classes one can study in the restoration field. There is a class room course with exam and an exam-only which is taken on top of any existing certifications an individual may already hold.
The Advantages Of Hiring Commercial Carpet Cleaners
When time, among other considerations, prohibits a do-it-yourself project, hiring commercial carpet cleaners to perform the task instead may deliver many other advantages than the alternative of completing the task by one’s self.
Carpet Cleaning Certifications Can Help Companies Reputation
Professionals in the textile maintenance industry who attain carpet cleaning certifications are equipped to serve their customers, and the industry, better.
How To Prepare For A Successful Smoke Damage Restoration
The cleaning education offered by the institute around the world covers a series of topics, including smoke damage restoration. Smoke is not the only way that a fire ruins a building; burns, ash, and the subsequent soaking of the area when water is used to douse the flame can wreak indoor havoc.
Searching For An Institute Of Carpet Cleaning
The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) does not own or operate any technical schools, but its board of directors approve a prospective institute of carpet cleaning that applies to and meets the criteria set forth by IICRC’s board.
Companies Can Learn Additional Carpet Cleaning Techniques
Companies that maintain textiles need to stay up to date and learn the newest carpet cleaning methods. Professionals that use outdated techniques risk losing customers and wasting money on poor equipment.
The Primary Goals Of A Carpet Cleaning Franchise
One of the primary goals of a carpet cleaning franchise should be to obtain professional certification from a recognized organization familiar with industry practices, and there is none more qualified than the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).
Locating A Water Damage Restoration Technician Course
Textile maintenance professionals that want to improve their versatility in the industry should consider taking a water damage restoration technician course.
Water Restoration Certification For Removal & Repair
Professionals in the carpet cleaning industry may seek out water restoration certification to become more versatile or improve their services.
The Benefits Of Getting A Certification For Carpet Cleaning
Hiring someone with certification for carpet cleaning generally equates to choosing experts over amateurs. Being classified as a professional does not always mean that an individual or company has the relevant education to back them.
Choosing A Company To Provide Flood Clean Up Services
Flood clean up is a must for property owners and residents that have been a part of a natural disaster or property mishap. Proper hygiene is necessary to protect people and animals after the surging waters recede, and sometimes, it is what a person doesn’t see that can cause the most damage.
What To Expect In Fire And Water Damage Restoration Training
Fire and water damage restoration training is an essential prerequisite to practicing residential and commercial damage recovery. While some companies focus on one area or another, those that address numerous types of destruction can be leaders in such a highly technical and competitive business.
Why Professionals Should Clean Smoke Damage From A Fire
When the firefighters leave, it may seem like the danger has passed and the home is safe from further destruction, but without professionals to help clean the smoke damage, the building will never return to normal.
The Importance Of Steam Cleaning Furniture
Many homeowners may not realize that steam cleaning furniture is possible. Actually, this process can extend the life of many items in the house.
Finding A Company To Perform Flood Damage Repair
Few things cause as much destruction as water. When a natural disaster causes rivers or lakes to overtake a house, extensive flood damage repair will be needed to preserve what is left. Water causes severe problems for the materials found in carpet, fabric, drywall and furniture.
Using A Natural Odor Eliminator For A Green Alternative
With the help of a natural odor eliminator unwanted smells can be removed from any home or office. From pets to cooking, unpleasant aromas can linger well beyond its original occurrence and many occupants may not know how to resolve the problem.
Hiring A Professional To Repair Carpet Damage
Finding the best way to repair carpet tears, holes, or stains not only brings back its aesthetic value, but it may also prevent further damage. Many people can attempt to fix the damage personally, and other people may turn to a professional to guarantee the best results.
What Does Certified Mold Inspector Training Offer
There are a variety of classes for dedicated technicians that want to be the best in their field, and courses range from those specializing in carpet care and cleaning to certified mold inspector training.
Seeking Out Carpet Cleaning Institutes
Carpet cleaning institutes do more than merely teach proper techniques, they also focus on maintenance, deodorizing, repair and restoration. They provide a place for technicians to learn more about this industry, as well as its commercial and residential applications.
Passing The Carpet Cleaning Certification Exam
As an international administration, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), promotes and administers the industry standard carpet cleaning certification exam.
The Steps For A Carpet Cleaning Certification
The steps needed to achieve carpet cleaning certification are just as arduous and prestigious as those of any other comparable trade.
Getting A Carpet Cleaning Certification Online
While there are several schools that offer carpet cleaning certification online, many that have a desire to excel in this field look to schools that are approved by the IICRC and choose to attend classes in person for the maximum benefit in learning the latest techniques of the trade.
The Concepts Of Water Damage Restoration Courses
Water damage restoration courses teach technicians the proper concepts and techniques for repairing destruction and loss caused by water. Technicians learn the procedures necessary to handle loss, backflow, and contamination.
How Is A Carpet Cleaning Institute Beneficial
A carpet cleaning institute is an organization specializing in the training and certifying of professionals in the industry.
What Is An International Carpet Cleaning Institute
While there is no such outfit as an international carpet cleaning institute, there is an organization named the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).
Taking An EPA Mold Remediation Course
The EPA Mold Remediation course is an informative means for professionals in numerous fields to gain adequate knowledge regarding this common, yet unhealthy growth.
How To Learn Carpet Cleaning
Ever wondered how to learn carpet cleaning? For someone considering starting their own business or wanting to switch careers, the realm of professional housework services offers many a new direction in life.
The Basics Of Water Damage Restoration Training
Water damage restoration training is one of the important skill sets that a team of professional cleaners need in order to offer comprehensive services.
What To Expect From A Mold Remediation Course
Carpet cleaning and upholstery restoration services can benefit greatly from taking a mold remediation course, but these can be tough to find. However, the most extensive courses for professionals in this industry can be found online.
The Options For Pursuing A Carpet Cleaning Education
Without the benefit of a carpet cleaning education, a technician may be less effective at his or her job. Although some in the industry may deem official training unnecessary, it actually adds great value to the service. Through proper training, amateur mistakes can be overcome.
Knowing How And When To Clean Rugs
Knowing how and when to clean rugs is important to maintain proper integrity and appearance. While some people like to tackle this task themselves, many others prefer to hire a professional service.
The Installation Of Carpet Patching
Whether it’s due to an over-exposure of cleaning chemicals or from a stain that cannot be eliminated, carpet patching enters the fold as an option for homeowners that need only a specific area of their flooring replaced.
What To Expect From An Upholstery Cleaning Service
An upholstery cleaning service can give run-down and tired furniture new life, but it is important that the consumer know what to look for in a company, the questions to ask, and what to expect during the process.
Smoke Odor Removal From Carpet Or Upholstery
Smoke odor removal from carpet or upholstery can be especially time consuming and costly were an individual attempting to clean it themselves.
Seeking Out Companies Who Know How To Stretch Carpet
When dealing with loose or wrinkled and aged wall-to-wall carpeting, many wonder just how to stretch the carpet. When this problem arises, it may be time to seek professional assistance that has experience in handling this issue.
Choosing A Commercial Carpet Cleaner
When looking for assistance on floor maintenance, it’s most often times the best choice to look towards a commercial carpet cleaner.
Getting An Accurate Carpet Cleaning Quote
Acquiring an accurate carpet cleaning quote in today’s internet age is an easy task, granted the correct homework and question answering is done beforehand.
Finding Companies Who Offer Rug Repairs
Many times rug repairs can be done by the homeowner, but there are occasions where professionals need to be called. Whether it is just to clean the item or it needs some serious maintenance done, it is best to call a company that has years of experience in this type of restoration.
Searching For A Fire And Flood Restoration Service
No one plans for a disaster, but quick action after a calamity and bringing on a fire and flood restoration business to repair everything can save both time and money. There are many things that cannot be fixed after a disaster and will have to be replaced.
What Are Carpet Cleaners Ratings Based On
Like most things online, carpet cleaners ratings have to be taken with a grain of salt, unless a reputable site is used to catalog them.
The Basic Requirements For Carpet Cleaning Jobs
For those who want to obtain carpet cleaning jobs it is important to be able to offer clients the top notch services and professionalism that they expect.
Carpet Cleaning Tips That Everyone Should Know About
Following the instructions for carpet cleaning tips is a good way to increase the lifespan of carpeting. Like anything else that is regularly used in the home, some maintenance is required to help them look their best.
How A Professional Floor Cleaning Can Be Beneficial
Carpets are not alone in exhibiting signs of wear, as repetitive use can grind dirt into hard surfaces, requiring a floor cleaning that is more involved than a simple mopping. No one wants the edges of a room or hallway to be glossy while the most traveled parts are dirty, scuffed, and dull.
How To Choose A Carpet Repair Service
Whether it is repairing a seam or handling a bleach stain from a cleaning attempt gone wrong, the remedy is the use of a good, professional carpet repair service.
The Best Way To Approach Pet Odor Removal
For many dog and cat owners, pet odor removal from carpets is an unfortunate fact of life. Puppies and kittens have a tendency to mess up flooring quite a bit before they are properly trained, and by the time they’re going outside or in the litter box, the floor may resemble a warzone.
There Are Many Carpet Cleaning Services Available
While many rely on their vacuum to keep their floors spotless, carpet cleaning services can take it to a whole new level. The equipment and specialized solutions they bring along are more effective than any do-it-yourself technique.
Have A Professional Handle The Process Of Fire Restoration
The process of fire restoration can be very involved. Private homeowners and companies can oftentimes be devastated by the damage caused by this kind of event. One aspect that gives peace of mind involves knowing when the right professional has been hired.
Looking For The Best Carpet Cleaners
The best carpet cleaners in the industry should have one item in common. All companies in this line of work should be certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).
The Essentials For Starting A Carpet Cleaning Business
One of the most exciting things anyone can take on is starting their own company, and for those looking to a get a carpet cleaning business going, the prospects are generally bright. It’s relatively easy to get one up and running and they can be highly profitable if run professionally.
Hiring A Persian Rug Cleaning Service
A Persian rug cleaning service can have any floor covering restored to its previous vivid colors and soft feel in no time. A decorative detail that is attractive and functional, rugs are usually placed in spaces that receive a lot of foot traffic, resulting in wear and staining.
IICRC Selects ACTWD To Handle Enterprise Hosting and Digital Pre
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