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April MoU Spotlight

IICRC MoU Spotlight

What is an MoU? An MoU is a Memorandum of Understanding. The IICRC forms strategic partnerships through the use of MoUs with organizations that lead to the Institute’s standards and certifications use in other industries. MoUs also expand the global reach and value of the Institute by fostering long-term relationships in other countries with organizations that share our mission and values.

As part of an ongoing series, the Institute will highlight a new MoU in each issue of the IICRCToday. Who’s up this month? The National Floor Safety Institute, aka the NFSI.

National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)
Russell Kendzior, President

What is the NFSI / What is its mission?
The National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) is a 501(c)-3 non-for-profit organization whose mission is to “aid in the prevention of slips, trips and falls through education, research and standards development.” The NFSI is an ANSI accredited training organization and standards developer for slip trip and fall prevention.

Who is the NFSI’s audience / stakeholders?
Our audience and members are composed of a wide-range of industry professionals who seek to reduce slip, trip and fall events and include product manufacturers, property owners, business owners, safety professionals and risk managers.

What are three things NFSI is working on in the upcoming year?
The NFSI will be hosting a symposium of slip and fall prevention on the campus of Emory University and will feature eight distinguish speakers from a range of industries. The event will cap off with a keynote address from Mr. Ralph Nader. As the ANSI standards developer the ANSI B101 committee will also be publishing two new safety standards including a Walkway Safety Management standard (B101.8), and the B101.2 “Test Method for Determining the Impact on Wet Coefficients of Friction of Various Chemical or Physical Walkway Surface Cleaners and Treatments on Common Hard-Surface Flooring Materials.”

Have there been any new developments or announcements?
The NFSI was accredited as the sole training organization for slip, trip and fall prevention and is offering a wide range of classroom and industry specific online training programs. The NFSI will be hosting IICRC training programs at its Southlake, Texas training center.

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