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Answers For Fire Restoration Cleaning Questions

Whom do I contact for fire restoration cleaning?

After getting in touch with an insurance company or agent, hiring a professional to repair the damage done to the home is important. An improper cleaning method will ultimately end up doing harm, which is why it is important to hire a professional with experience and certification through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC.

Can someone perform a restoration by themselves?

Even if having previous experience was not necessary, a homeowner would not have the manpower required to do a thorough job. Cleaning after a fire is not a do it yourself job, even if some of the tasks seem easy. A non-professional will not have access to the equipment, cleaning solutions, or education that is needed to make the restoration successful. The professionals that have training and certification through the IICRC have the equipment and knowledge to do the job properly.

What kind of restoration work will need to be done?

Each situation is different. There are four different types of smoke and fire damage, which are categorized by the material that has been burned. Natural, protein, and synthetic substances and oil burner malfunction residue, all leave behind their own kind of smoke particles. Each residue requires its own method of cleaning and only an expert will know the right approach. A professional will be able to inform home and building owners which items can be restored and which will need to be replaced.
Since tiny particles of smoke carry a scent, deodorizing will need to be completed. This process can use specialized machines and equipment. If large amounts of water were used in putting out the fire, the building would also need to go through a drying process.

What is the typical time allotment for fire restoration cleaning?

Since each circumstance is different, the amount of time it takes to repair the damage varies. The building size, severity of the damage and techniques applied can all factor in on how long it takes to complete the restoration process. Usually, the process spans a few days in cases of severe structural damage several weeks or even months may be needed to complete the work . Some portions of the process have to be done at a pace so that their progress can be checked.    

Can a family stay in their home while the fire restoration cleaning is taking place?

Even a place that seems livable can still be uncomfortable and unsafe to inhabit. A licensed professional will need to be contacted in order to perform an inspection. They will determine how safe the building is after the damage. Lingering smoke residue and soot can compromise air quality, and be a danger for lungs. Any lasting dampness from the water used to quench the fire can encourage the growth of mold, which also poses a health hazard. Some of the cleaning methods involve using ozone or filling the house with a fog, making it uncomfortable living conditions for family and pets.  

For these reasons alone, many times it is a good idea to take residence at a hotel or some other form of temporary housing while the restoration is being completed.

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