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Always Call A Professional For Flood Restoration Services

Flood restoration services are essential if a homeowner wants to save as much as possible from a disaster-stricken home. Water is capable of incredible damage in just a short period of time, even if the water is just standing there. In fact, everything but the most resilient materials is subject to being compromised within several days, and organic materials like drywall and textiles can begin deteriorating within 48 hours. That’s because storm waters usually carry swarms of potentially harmful organisms, like bacteria, viruses or various pests. Even incidental contact with this contaminated water can lead to health problems, and these microbes may spread throughout the home before long.

How do professionals approach flood restoration services?

Water must be removed as soon as possible to protect the home, so professional firms will respond as quickly as possible to a call. The technicians will first have to assess the extent of the problem and determine where the water is pooling the most. Basements are usually the hardest hit rooms, though water can get just about anywhere, including under floors, behind walls, and be soaked up in any porous materials. Wood floors and walls that contain gypsum are particularly vulnerable because they contain thousands of tiny cavities.

Any standing water that is more than an inch or so deep will be removed, and then thorough drying can begin. Industrial vacuums are the tool of choice for shallow depth of water, while powerful pumps may be brought in when the water is a foot or more deep. Firms have access to extremely efficient pumping systems that are truck mounted, and these systems can remove thousands of gallons of water every hour.

After the removal of standing water, there will be a lot of soaked debris left behind, and this will be cleaned up before drying begins. Anything that the firm believes can be salvaged will be set aside for disinfecting and drying. In most cases, though, the professionals will have to dispose of a lot of destroyed items, including anything made from paper, some textiles, or composite wood products like plywood. Several feet of drywall will likely have to be cut out and disposed of as well to prevent microbial growth.

The bulk of flood restoration services focus on the drying process. Normally drying takes between three to five days depending on the extent of the damage, but some cases may take longer. The process may be accelerated with the use of high volume air movers and dehumidifiers, along with heat injectors if need be. If there is water trapped behind walls or below wood floors, special equipment may be necessary to extract it.

While drying, technicians will eliminate all microbial threats with powerful fungicide and special  agents formulated to destroy bacteria and viruses. These agents are applied to all areas that came in contact with the water or surfaces that may be compromised as well, so there are no health threats left by the time the family returns to their home.

As long as a homeowner contacts a firm right away, professionals will be able to reduce the extent of the damage significantly. They can also reverse any damage rather quickly, allowing a family to get their lives back on track before long.

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