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Achieving A Professional Carpet Cleaning Education

Professional carpet cleaning education is a great equalizer and can help propel an established technician to new heights. Even after years of experience in the field, a technician may lack in providing optimal performance or running their business in the most efficient way possible. This is nothing to be ashamed of as the textile treatment industry is a complex one. However, any technician that doesn’t stay on top of current advancements or trends will quickly be left behind, and consumers will notice this. That’s why consumer studies consistently show that they pay attention to things like certification and training.

How can a technician get the best professional carpet cleaning education?

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is the industry’s most respected training organization. Since 1972, the IICRC has provided tens of thousands of technicians with training in various fields. Initially, the IICRC was designed to introduce flooring treatment firms to the magic of hot water extraction. At the time, it was considered a major innovation in the field, and decades later, the IICRC is still ahead of every other training organization in its field.

The IICRC’s most important class is its Carpet Cleaning Technician course (CCT). The CCT is appropriate for people who are just getting into the industry, or technicians who want to improve their service skills. Even a highly experienced expert can learn something worthwhile through the IICRC if they have never attended an IICRC course before. The CCT is also the foundation course around which the rest of the IICRC’s classes revolve. Once a student completes the course and passes the exam, they will be able to approach more complex topics such as water damage restoration, color damage repair, odor removal, mold remediation, and fire and smoke damage restoration.

Many technicians are reluctant to take training classes because they can’t travel to the school. The cost of flying these days is extremely high, and spending days driving to a place hundreds of miles away can be exhausting. The IICRC has solved this issue by building a network of approved  schools around the country and the world. The IICRC is in more than 100 countries, so a student can likely access IICRC coursework near their home. Approved instructors have been vetted by the IICRC and observe the Institute’s rigorous standards. This makes them some of the best experts in the field.

The CCT only consists of 14 hours of instruction time, delivered over two days, but it is still one of the most comprehensive professional carpet cleaning education courses available. During the CCT, students will spend most of their time identifying different textiles, their construction methods, their designs, and how best to treat them. The CCT focuses on residential applications and introduces the student to a number of soiling situations they are likely to face. Following the conclusion of the CCT course and exam, the student will be armed with the knowledge they need to tackle anything that comes their way.

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