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Achieving A Carpet Cleaning Certification With Training

Carpet cleaning certification training is a smart way for a technician to improve their skills and standing in the industry, no matter what experience they have already attained. Technicians new to the industry can pick up essential fundamentals while veteran technicians can learn how to approach their labor in a new way, possibly improving on some of their processes. And both can benefit from learning about new equipment and  cleaning agents, some of which home and business owners will expect to see when hiring a professional. There are a few organizations that can assist with industry education, but the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is the organization of choice for most technicians, largely because it has focused on educating technicians since its start in the 70s.

What are the benefits of carpet cleaning certification training?

Getting by in the industry without formal education is increasingly a risk. Consumers have access to plenty of online resources, and today’s home and business owners are extremely well-informed. Rest assured that as time goes on, more and more consumers will become aware of organizations like the IICRC, and will prefer a technician who has been through formal coursework. In fact, initial industry studies have confirmed this, with most consumers stating that they consider a technician’s education to be an important factor in selecting a professional. And this feeling is trending up, so if a professional wants to keep up with their peers and possibly earn themselves a major advantage over competitors, formal education is a clear option.

Of course, it is also a way for technicians to improve their service, which will also help build and retain clientele. The IICRC’s primary course, the CCT, teaches both theory and application, so technicians will learn the principles behind treatment and how to execute those principles. The IICRC bases its carpet cleaning certification training around the organization’s five pillars approach. The five pillars refer to dry soil removal, soil suspension, suspended soil removal, drying and grooming. All five must be executed properly to thoroughly treat the carpeting, and as long as students understand and apply the IICRC’s highly respected standards to their work, they will be able to manage the five pillars without any trouble.

Technicians will be able to handle themselves in a variety of work settings by the time they finish the IICRC’s carpet cleaning certification training, learning how to identify a variety of fibers and construction methods. This information can be used to develop a safe and effective solution for the flooring. Hands-on time with cutting edge equipment is also part of the course, and it can help a technician decide whether or not to upgrade their own treatment equipment.

Students that complete carpet cleaning certification training may consider picking up additional skills through advanced IICRC classes. Skills such as color repair, water restoration, and other abilities will help a professional round out their services and make it even easier to attract new clients. This is, of course, every technician’s primary goal and can be within sight given IICRC support.

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