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Where You Live Might Say A Lot About The Stains In Your House

The Huffington Post investigates what your stains say about where you live with a little help from the IICRC.

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Stain slayer shares tips on cleaning carpets

IICRC Instructor Jeff Cross recently spoke with the Columbus Dispatch on the basics of holiday stain removal.

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Orbital Floor Machines Can Be Used For Interim Carpet Cleaning

IICRC Instructor and BOD member Craig Jasper spoke with Contracting Profits about using orbital equipment on carpet as an interim encapsulation cleaning method. [PDF] Read the full article

IICRC Opens Global Resource Center, Publishes ANSI/IICRC S800 Standard

IICRC Chairman Tony Wheelwright and Standards Director Mili Washington on the January opening of the IICRC’s Global Resource Center and S800 Standard release.

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Day Cleaning Influencing Equipment Manufacturers

Craig Jasper, IICRC Chairman, talks to Sanitary Maintenance Magazine about the benefits of day cleaning.

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Eight Tools for Spring Cleaning and IEQ

To help Americans make the most out of their spring cleaning efforts, the IICRC identifies eight tools that all spring cleaners should keep handy.

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How to clean leather

Get tips on how to clean leather in your home, what products to avoid and how to keep your leather furniture looking like new.

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Maintaining Hardwood Floors

Follow these easy steps and you’ll soon worship the ground you walk on

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Extending Carpet Life

Long lasting, good looking carpet requires more than just cleaning when carpet begins to look dirty.

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Coming Clean about Carpet

The IICRC shares an infographic highlighting consumer’s thoughts about carpet cleaning.

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